10 Fashion Items Women Should Get

Rompers have existed for ages. However, mostly they have always been worn by kids. Nowadays more and more adult women buy this type of clothing. Do they look sexy to men? Unfortunately, they don’t. If you have a romper in your wardrobe, keep it, but be wise and wear it around the house, comfy picnic, a day on the beach and never wear rompers if there are men around – they will not appreciate it.


Ugg Boots
Comfort is appreciated by most of us. What else could ever be more comfortable than Uggs? This is one of the few items that you feel cozy in at all times. Nevertheless, there are far more disadvantages to them. First, Uggs always make even the smallest feet look huge and ladies with big feet will never look sexy or attractive to males. No doubt you can own a pair of Uggs and wear them from time to time. Here the point is to never be seen in them by men.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Ugg Boots

Harem Pants
Not all we see in fashion magazines should be bought and worn. One of such items is harem pants. They have a very specific shape and look really exotic. Most of such pants are produced in oriental patterns. But the problem with these pants is that they make women look wider and shorter. Harem pants are great if your plan is to stay at home and relax. Avoid wearing them in public.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Harem Pants

Peplum dresses
Peplums can be easily recognized by the riffles around the hips and waist. Those include dresses as well as skirts and blouses. Most women love this style because they think that peplums look flattering, visually make the waist look thinner and make the figure as a whole look curvier.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Peplum dress

Fake Nails
Acrylic nails look fake. Unnatural stuff does not feel good either. The longer your nails are, the more ridiculous you will look to the people around you. Think of the elite! You will never see a royalty wearing fake nails. This is simply because fake nails are tasteless. Besides, instead of looking feminine, you will look aggressive and dangerous.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Fake Nails

Flashy Lipstick
Bright and flashy make-up is not for every woman. Neutral colors will always look better on you. It is too easy to make a mistake while applying bright lipstick. More than that, traces of bright lipstick will be seen everywhere: spoons and wine glasses, napkins and so on.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Flashy Lipstick

Strapless Tops
If you live in a warm country or if you are simply planning to travel to some exotic land to spend your vacation by the water, then a strapless top might be just exactly what you need. There are strapless dresses, tops and shirts. Pick your favorite and wear it. What most men do not like about women in strapless clothes is that girls keep pulling such clothes up throughout the day. Next time you decide to purchase a strapless item, make sure that it fits you well and does not require constant tugging up.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Strapless Tops

It is too hard to resist the temptation of not buying a pair of wedges. They are comfortable and far more stable than stilettoes. They can be worn with almost anything – dresses, skirts, jeans and shorts. You look taller in them and can spend long hours wearing wedges. Men, though, would find this type of shoes less attractive than any others.

10 Fashion Items Women Should Get Rid Of Wedges