5 fashion dares we would like to give Sonam Kapoor!

Sonam Kapoor is one of India’s leading fashion icons today. Be it a thigh high slit gown, a saree or a simple pair of jeans, this fashionista can rock each and every outfit with her oomph and ease. A fashion revolution was brought on by this beauty, ever since she walked into Bollywood through her debut film Saawariya. Sonam made popular high end fashion designers like Elie Saab, Mark Jacobs and others, by sporting their choicest wear. Today, many aspiring stylists and fashionistas look up to her, including B-town actresses who follow the hottie’s footsteps slyly. When it comes to the game of fashion, there’s no beating Ms Kapoor!

The actress is big on taking risks and we appreciate that quality of hers. Only a daring celebrity like her can be challenged, right? There’s a lot Sonam has done and explored in the realm of fashion. However, there are certain things we would like to see her do. Here are 5 fashion dares I would like to see Sonam take up:

Sport an eccentric haircut

Sonam has often pushed the envelope with her outfits but I’m not sure if I can say the same when it comes to her hairdos. Now I’m well aware of the fact that actresses do not have the liberty to experiment much with their hair, owing to their on-screen roles. But hey, what are wigs for? Where beauties like Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Sharma have been there done that, Sonam needs to join the list. So how about an eccentric and quirky hairstyle? I’m thinking the one sported by Natalie Dormer in Mockingjay. If not that, a striking hair color would do as well, say a red, blue streaks or hot pink!


Under-dress for an event

Be it stepping out of the airport, walking the red carpet, or attending a promotional event, Sonamis ALWAYS dressed up, for any occasion. The beauty makes it a point to look her best, at any given point of time. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but the same makes the dare rather interesting. Since Sonam is SO used to being the best dressed babe around, how about I challenge her to under dress for an event? A simple outfit and minimal or no makeup. No Guccis, Pradas or Fendis. Can Sonam do that?


Street shopping

I wonder if there’s anything in Sonam’s closet say, from Colaba Causeway or Link road in Bandra. These places are popular for street shopping amongst the aam janta. Sonam however is a celebrity and with a brand conscious beauty like her, it’s hard to imagine her with clothing other than those from high end designers right? Now I understand that a Bollywood diva like her obviously can’t go street shopping! Which is EXACTLY the dare. I dare Sonam to shop from the gullies I just mentioned! The beauty could disguise herself or aim to look like one of the commoners. How will she do it, I don’t know. But will she do it? That’ the question!


Pull off a Lady Gaga

If there’s anyone who has the guts to pull off a Lady Gaga, it’s Sonam. Like I said, the actress isn’t afraid to take risks and has proven the same time and again with her appearances. The beauty may have received flak for her last outfit at Cannes 2015 but she held her own. I wonder if she can take it up a notch higher and attempt to shock us by pulling off a Gaga…


Wear a traditional saree

It’s not like Sonam is against Indian wear. The beauty has time and again worn sarees and salwar suits at various occasions. However, Vidya Balan is one of the few actresses who sport traditional sarees like Kanjivaram. I would love to see Sonam walk the red carpet in an out an out traditional saree. I bet the Ms Kapoor will nail it!