5 Tips And Hints On How To Look Younger

Ageing is inevitable. However, there are quite a few very effective ways that might help you slow down the ageing process. Save your time and money!

Today we’ll share the 5 secrets only beauty experts are aware of. Read this article to find out more:

1. Full brows are in fashion
Plucking eyebrows and making them extremely thin is old-fashioned. Nowadays make up artists recommend having full brows that look natural. It does not mean you can stop grooming your brows. On the contrary, while allowing your brows to grow out, be patient and forget your old habits of removing stray hair. If you notice a stray hair during the growing process, do not pluck it. If your brows are still a bit too thin, you can use a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse space in your brows. We recommend using a special brow gel if your brows are unruly and need taming. Of course you can find a professional beautician who will help you shape your brows. Groomed and full brows will make you look youthful and more natural.


2. Creamy concealers
Another hint that might help you look younger is creamy concealer instead of foundation and powder to hide under eye circles. Foundation tends to settle in the creases and only defines fine lines instead of hiding them. What he suggests you should use instead of foundations is creamy concealer. Pick the one that contains a special formula reflecting the light. Concealer should be applied using the ring finger. Move towards the inner rim of the eye to disguise shadows. Do not rub the product into your skin. Simply pat it softly so that it could naturally blend in.

5 Tips And Hints On How To Look Younger Creamy concealers

3. Hydration
You have probably noticed what a dry apple looks like. It skin changes its color, become wrinkled, dull and thin. The only reason why it happens is that the apple loses its moisture. The view is not attractive at all. If you do not hydrate your skin, the same process happens to you. In order to prevent your skin from forming lines and wrinkles, use hydrating base. Make up expert working for the legendary Lancome says that you should always have a foundation containing hydrating and nourishing formula. This will make your skin look young and fresh and you will not need thick foundation. Use sheer and light foundation to avoid cakey looks. Tinted moisturizer is another great option. Nowadays manufacturers produce foundation that does not require you to use powder immediately. Let your skin breath. If, in a few hours, you start noticing that your skin looks shiny, first blot it with a tissue and then apply a translucent powder on the T-zone.

5 Tips And Hints On How To Look Younger Hydration

4. How to apply the blush
One more tip that Wmnlife is ready to share with you is how to apply the blush in order to look fresher and younger. Wake up your face by applying the blush on the upper part of your cheekbone. If you apply it on the apples of your cheeks, the effect won’t be the same. No doubt that the color of the blush you wear matters a lot. If your skin does not have definite lines, you can use powder blush. If you already have some lines, we suggest you should use creamy blush. While applying the blush smile and gently dab a small amount of the product on the fleshy area of the cheeks and move up along the cheekbone. Be careful with blush that contains shimmer. But if you still want to make your cheekbones more defined, you can apply a drop of liquid highlighter.

5 Tips And Hints On How To Look Younger apply the blush

5. Tips for lips
There are too few women that would look younger if they applied dark lipstick. Dark lip liner is totally out of the question either. Get rid of dark lip make-up products if you still have any. Replace your dark lipstick with soft rose, coral and peach shades. Make-up experts can also suggest wearing nude tones, as well as soft pinks and beige. Lip pencils are not required at all if you use neutral shades of lipstick or lip gloss. The problem is that lip pencils will always make you look too official, placed and less natural. Lip pencils are only advised if you have fine lines around your lip area and want to seal them so that your lipstick could stay in place and not smear. Before applying lipstick you can use very light foundation or concealer to fill in the lines, and only then reshape your lips with a pencil. You can also use lip pencils if your lips are uneven and need to be reshaped. Finally, get used to applying lip products with your fingers instead of applicators. When applied with warm fingers, lipstick and lip pencil melt and blend in more easily and provide a perfect natural look.

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