Most women are known to live in an alternate world of dreams that is far more dramatic than any fairy tale. And, what else is the high point of that life than a wedding? A good way to keep re-living that magical moment is by re-using clothes and jewellery that you had hand-picked for your wedding. But alas, most of your jewellery will always be packed away in lockers. However, you need not worry anymore as we have found some brilliant jewellery sets that you can wear for several occasions even after your big day.


A must-have this season is jewellery that would add a sparkle to your smile. Save the gold for the main function and wear stone encrusted silver at the events and ceremonies leading up to your big day. A glittering choker neck-piece never fails to brighten up your face and goes with any colour you choose to wear.


Kundan is a timeless option for wedding jewellery if you want to add a royal touch to your look. It makes for a very special and memorable piece of jewellery for the big day. If you like traditional fashion, this piece is a great choice and is surely something you can wear for other occasions as well. Several variations of kundan pieces exist. Layering up kundan jewellery is what we don’t see often but it would make for a refreshing look. If your neck is short, avoid chokers and stick to long chains.


Love black and no one’s letting you wear it on your wedding? Well, here’s a way for your favourite colour to enter the wedding without being stopped at the cultural gates. The combination of black stones with encrusted silver neck-pieces cannot go wrong. It is a great choice, especially if you are a minimalistic bride who would be wearing a lot of single hued garments.


Keep it simple and keep it classy. Those who have short necks focus on your earrings instead of heavy neckpieces. Shun the usual gold and silver, experiment with coloured stones to complement the hues of your ensemble. After all, what is a bride without a flush of colour?


You are a bride, not a jewellery display board. Instead of layering too many accessories and necklaces on yourself, go for one heavy piece of jewellery and keep it classy. Neckpieces with large encrusted stones can help strike a perfect balance.