7 Fashion Disasters You Must Avoid this Summer

With the hot summers in full swing, we are sure you must be planning a lot of fun activities to do, apart from flaunting pretty summer dresses and strappy sandals.

You are probably planning to go on a beach vacation or planning for a pool-side party or simply go window shopping. But while being completely excited about all of these, there are chances that you could make some major fashion blunders.

We have a list of the top seven fashion disasters you must avoid to stay relaxed and look fashionable all through summer. Read to know what these are.

#1. Socks Story

This is a common site in the summers when many women wear socks with strappy sandals with a view to avoid getting a patchy tan on their feet. We are sure you must have realised what an eyesore that is! Firstly, there are no sandals or floaters that go well with socks. Secondly, if you cannot live without socks, why not wear them with sneakers?


When you wear pretty sandals, please stay away from socks, even if they are those that match with your skin tone! Instead, wear lots of sunscreen and get a pedicure regularly to keep the patchy tan marks away.

#2. Flip-flop Fun

This fashion blunder is the easiest to avoid. Simply reserve your flip-flops for a casual weekend outfit or an outing at the beach. We agree that they offer comfort during the hot months, but wearing them to office, business meetings, or even at a casual office do, is nothing less than a disaster.


This is probably one of those things that forces all HR heads to write dress code emails to their employees once a month.

#3. Bra Basics

Sure you love to wear cropped or tank tops, and sleeveless or low-neck outfits in the hot weather. But if your bra strap plays peek-a-boo from the outfit, nothing can be more embarrassing! Even if it is a transparent strap or some bright colour, you cannot let it pass as a “fashion statement”.


Also, white is a preferred colour in the summers. Wearing a black or dark coloured bra under a white outfit is also a major blunder. Try to be as careful as you can to avoid the bra straps from showing, by wearing the perfect fit and size. You can also have loops inside your dress to hold the straps.

#4. Tight Fight

We understand that you might want to wear your favourite top, dress or pants from last summer. But, if you have put on some weight in the last few months then there is absolutely no reason for you to wear the same clothes again.


Tight clothes look really shabby and inappropriate, especially in the summers when it is a sure invite for those dirty-looking sweat marks.

#5. Short Funda

One of the most juvenile fashion blunders is when your short becomes too short; so short that they can’t even hide your butt!  Also, teaming shorts with stockings probably looks good on the ramp, wearing this combination on regular Indian streets can be pretty disastrous. Another blunder with shorts can be a visible panty-line or worse, a visible panty.


Try to maintain the thin line between stylish and inappropriate by being careful with the length of the shorts. Also, make sure your legs are well-groomed in case you decide to wear shorts.

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#6. Muffin Top

No matter how hot the weather is, you just cannot wear a crop top with your jeans or skirt if you don’t have a well-toned, lean midriff!


Showing off a muffin top is and will always be a major faux pas. In case you are curvy, make sure you wear a slightly longer top to cover the bulges from the sides.

#7. Beach Bonanza

Most of us plan a beach vacation during the summers. A beach is one place where you want to look colourful, vibrant and stylish. But did you know that a place as casual as the beach can call for some nasty fashion blunders? Like wearing a swimming costume that is too tight or too loose, or revealing the problematic fatty areas is a strict no-no.


Another blunder can be wearing loud, flashy makeup or heels at the beach. Keep it as natural and simple as possible when at the beach or the pool.