8 Steps To Flawless Bridal Makeup

Hiring a makeup artist may not be the first planning to-do on your mind but trust us, it’ll ensure you look incredible in those wedding photos. So we asked Laura Geller, makeup artist to the stars, and Pro Team artist Carrie Spagnolo of Laura Geller Makeup, to walk us through — step-by-step — how to create a flawless bridal look. To better understand the process, meet bride-to-be Kristen Terranova!

Kristen wanted a classic wedding day makeup look with a hint of glam for her New York City wedding, so here’s what Laura Geller’s team did…


Step 1: Start with primer.
She first applied a thin layer of primer. Primer works to smooth the surface of the skin for a professional make-up application, even skin tone and ensure that products applied on top of it will last all day long.


Step 2: Prep the under eye area with a creamy, full coverage concealer.
Next comes the concealer which can be used to cover anything from dark circles and rosacea to varicose veins and tattoos, without looking heavy. If you’re going to be taking photos all day, you’re going to want to use this around the eyes because it’ll give you all-day coverage in the heat and humidity. Keep in mind: “A little goes a long way with this concealer,” Laura advises.

Step 3: Achieve the perfect base.
Make-up artist, Carrie, applied super-blendable foundation for the right amount of comfortable coverage and color, so it never appeared “caked on.” Use your fingertips for a natural finish and if you’re using a liquid foundation massage it all over the face and jaw line.


Step 4: Add drama and dimension to highlight your eyes.
Carrie accented Kristen’s big brown eyes by using a rich eggplant eye liner instead of classic black. First, she lined her eyes with traditional waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner, then topped it all off with a richly pigmented shadow and liner “to soften the look and still maintain drama and dimension.”

Step 5: Create wow-worthy lashes!
The makeup artist enhanced Kristen’s natural lashes with individual false lashes for a natural and dynamic look. Look for a lengthening, volumizing and defining mascara to really amp up the drama. And a tip: Add multiple coats!

Step 6: Add a natural looking flush.
Carrie applied true pink blush to enhance and promote a “peaches and cream” flush.


Step 7: Set your makeup for a long-lasting look.
Carrie topped off Kristen’s look with a sweep of highlighter she added to the cheekbones, browbones and inner corner of the eyes to create a lasting glow. Laura says this makes the “ultimate difference” in special occasion make-up. Don’t forget a finishing powder to set the makeup so it lasts all night!

Step 8: Pretty up your pucker.
Carrie added a natural lip liner and gloss in mauve and nude colored hues. You want to be sure the color and shine last!


See the finished look? Ga-gorgeous!