Abraham & Thakore’s 5 style commandments

Design duo Abraham and Thakore (founded by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore) celebrates 21 years in the fashion industry this year. The Delhi-based designers, known for flaunting tradition with their modern spin on an innately Indian aesthetic, share their five-step guide to how the urban Indian woman should dress.

1. Edit. Minimalise—whatever it is, make do with less.

2. Be courageous. Go bold with colour—team hot pink or orange with bright red.

3. Break a rule or two. Wear a man-style shirt with a sari.

4. Coordinate. That cocktail dress might look a little silly with your partner’s favourite jeans-and-tee look. Make a collective statement.

5. Be honest and ruthless. And seriously, don’t squeeze yourself into that.