Amazon India Fashion Week: Taking the Bindi for a Walk

It’s best to not predict Amit Aggarwal’s collection on the basis of press notes. In alllikelihood, he would shock and impress, all at once, with his own interpretations. On Day Two of AIFW, the avant garde designer presented his first autumn-winter collection on the ramp under his prêt label, AM.IT. He paid an ode to the bindi, and created a futuristic line using organic fabrics, ripped stockings and plastic straws. Excerpts from an interview:

How did the bindi become the inspiration?

I don’t live with my mother, but she visits me often. Somehow she always leaves behind her memory in the form of stick-on bindis on the mirrors. That’s where the idea came from. While we didn’t plan it, the bindi also depicts women empowerment in a way, especially at a time like this.

The last five garments had a big red dot depicting the bindi at your show. How does the bindi fit in the rest of the line?
Every single outfit has taken the shape of the bindi in one way or the other — so there is the drop, round, square bindi, apart from using bindi leftovers when it’s cut. When you look closely, you will see the ikat pieces overlaid with square bindis.

Tell us about the fabrics you have used this time.

Our brand has always been about bringing together tradition and technology. While the designs look futuristic, the fabric is all hand-woven. There is chanderi; I have alsoused tissue, a fabric we have all grown up with. Here, though, I have woven it with fine nylon.

There is a lot of emphasis on recycling, so the ornamentation, such as the flowers, is done with plastic, and then covered with used stockings. You also saw straws on skirts and jackets. It’s to drive home a point that recycling is important.

When did you create your ready-to-wear line AM.IT? What are your future plans?

My business partner Amit Hansraj and I started this a year ago, and this was our prêt line’s first runway show. He’s a traditionalist and I am the opposite, so this line is a mix of both our ideas. We launch a store at The Killa in Delhi in April, which will primarilyhouse our couture collections, apart from a few prêt pieces.