Bobby Pins to Style Your Hair

When I hear the word bobby pin, I get reminded of my grand mom. I always was under the impression that bobby pins were used by grand moms and for dressing up the hair, however my impression does not remain the same any longer.

Bobby pin is a type of hair clip used to style your hair; it is the small metal clip that is very commonly used for hair dressing and hairstyling. It is a small clip made of plastic or metal. When I was a child my mom used bobby pins for my hair to hold it in place. I remember having worn pins with small beads on it. I have also used colored bobby pins and pins that had a few designs on it. The most popular design would be a flower, a small satin one. It would look really very cute. I have used bobby pins while in school. While I participated in various programs, I have used bobby pins to style my hair. I remember having used so many bobby pins to hold my hair dressing. Bobby pins were a must-have for my hair dressing in every school functions. 

An interesting fact about bobby pins I came across was that these pins took their name after the famous hair cut called as “bob cut”. Bobby pins are also popular asKirby grip. Bobby pins are available in various lengths and colors to suit the requirements of the users. Few of these pins have rubberized tips for safe usage. 

Bobby pins with stones studded in them look wonderful, white stones on the black bobby pins look really wonderful. Bobby pins are widely used by people of all age groups. Babies to grannies bobby pins are all-time favorites for all. Bobby pins are an integral part in hairstyling and are a must-have in any hair accessories kit. They are no doubt an essential part of the trendiest of hair styles.  While using bobby pins, we need to take care that they don’t get entangled as they easily get entangled.  8-Bobby-Pin-Hacks-To-Style-Your-Hair-600x460 OriginalsByLynnette inside-image5-galantries-bobby-pin-set sparkly-hair-accessories-11 DSC_0109