Carry on lovin’

Leitmotifs constantly demand the attention of their makers, seeking newer contexts, newer uses. More than half a century ago began Monsieur Dior’s fascination with the cannage weave on rattan chairs; it kept recurring as a motif in Dior goods and spaces over the years, most notably so in the Lady Dior bag—a thing of beauty and architectural perfection that continues to enthrall today. Cue 2015, and the world of fashion leans towards a certain nonchalance—more relaxed, more versatile, but hardly careless. This is what Dior now distills in the Diorama; it’s the new arm candy that’ll accompany you to coffee if you want it to.


Crafted in lambskin, and with a leather strap and long metal chain, the surface ranging from solids to versions embellished, the Diorama bag embodies the day-to-night character that’ll have to be the personality of the new ‘It’ bag. The cannage motif is there, of course—sometimes ribbed, sometimes inset, sometimes so magnified you don’t realise it’s there. Who better to carry it than Kanika Kapoor, the velvet-voiced singer who shuttles between London and Mumbai and who right now seems amused at the stares she’s drawing while walking the graffiti-lined streets of Colaba. While her songs are characterised by a very catchy pop Sufi-Punjabi sound—’Baby Doll’, ‘Lovely’, and more recently,’Chitiyaan Kalaiyaan’—don’t be fooled; this one’s got a solid grounding in classical music, with a Master’s degree from Lucknow. Beauty is a versatile thing, no?