Designer duo Karan Berry-Leon Vaz takes inspiration from Astrology for their LFW collection

Designer duo Karan Berry and Leon Vaz of Karleo have found inspiration in astrology, in their upcoming Summer Resort collection at the Lakme Fashion Week. But their designs are hardly about the zodiac symbols, instead it focuses on their essence – the energy, meaning and logic each individual sign represents.


“There are twelve zodiac signs and the collection includes twelve garments. The garments are not at all the direct interpretation of the zodiac signs. For example, the Scorpio outfit will not have its sign as a print. The garment will carry the essence of each zodiac sign that we have derived through the respective gemstones of each sign. The colors then have been texturized and created to make the fabric for the garment.”

Known for producing their own fabric, the designer duo has this time used raw materials to create the line and then tie and dye them according to the color of the concerned gemstone. Each outfit has been created keeping in mind the unique personality of each sun sign.

“The silhouettes, the texturing and the fabrication done for each garment is purely concentrated on the particular zodiac sign and that’s the beauty of each piece that makes them speak for themselves and have their own identity,” adds Karan.

Talking about the inspiration behind the collection Karan says – “Our brand Karleo is known for interpretation of day-to-day elements of life. They add character and meaning to our life, but we hardly pay attention to them. Last season our collection was inspired from spices, so this time we thought to pick up something that is very close to human life and emotions and that’s how the astrology happened to be the theme of this collection.”

The designer duo feel that interpretation of an inspiration can never be just a replica of it, it is something beyond and something more concrete and creative. That’s how theirupcoming collection came to life. “When we decided to do astrology, it was clear that it will not be about the zodiac signs and the iconic marks. It was supposed to be beyond that and gradually the gemstone concept was zero downed,” says Karan.

Calling India a land of inspiration Karan stresses, “I feel India is full of inspiration and we as a brand never look outside to get an inspiration from any art form or anything. And this time again we have done the same. It’s just that we twist it in our style and give it a new feel and angel, but our motive is to keep the originality alive.”

The core fabrics used in the collection includes Tulle, Illusion Tulle, Crepe De Chine, Silk Georgette and Charmeuse Satin. The uniqueness of ethe collection is that the garments don’t have any kind of motif and it’s just the magic of colors depicting each zodiac sign. Mentioning it as the USP of the collection, Karan says, “each and every garment we have created is a result of detailed creativity and there is no such concept of ready-made buy and patch it on to complete the outfit. He further adds, “the fabrics have been tied and dyed and have been treated and textured in the signature style of the label.

To sum it up, the Summer Resort collection of Karleo attempts to make people feel the fun and enjoy it on a lighter note, but at the same time make them think beyond the line in life and make more of it precisely.