Embroidered Sherwani Latest Fashion

Sherwani  is a long coat-like garment worn in the Indian subcontinent, very similar to a Britishfrock coat or a Polish żupan. It was traditionally associated with the Muslim aristocracy of the Indian subcontinent. It is worn over a kurtawith the combination of either churidar, dhoti, pajama, or a salwar as the lower-body clothing. It can be distinguished from the achkan by the fact that it is shorter in length, is often made from heavier suiting fabrics, and by the presence of a lining.


The two founders of Aligarh movement wearing sherwani, Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Justice Syed Mahmood.

The origin of sherwani can be traced back in Central Asia during the times when it was the dress code of nobles in the Mughal Empire. The Sherwani became popular in 18th century British India as the European style court dress of nobles and royals of the Mughal dynasty,before being more generally adopted in the late 18th century. To the Muslims of northern India, like the Urdu language, it also became a symbol of Muslim nobility and Independence.Before the independence of India and Pakistan, the Sherwani was closely associated with founders of Aligarh Movement. Following Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, all the Muslim professors and students wore Sherwani. The name Aligarh Sherwani was also coined, inspired by the popularity of the design at Aligarh Muslim University. At the Aligarh Muslim University, these Sherwanis are still worn to keep alive a long running tradition of academics.