Esfir Winter Jewellery Collection 2016-17

Esfir have reached Wedding diaries. Women, including how sports personality of every round Esfir a selection of jewelry announcer comically fun campaign, your favorite wedding season meeting. You will find unique, bird cages, some earrings and a beautiful mix of super trendy chokers and hands candy to the Baroque.

Emotional or best friend “to” “a” forget all measures, whether there is something for everyone. We can not get contemporary from Bali Chaand enough, these traditional beauty earrings sure your ‘henna’ organizations will rock. Dangling a favorite with our ‘Slipper’ earrings, worn by ‘crazy fun and choreographer’- tale ESK, will make for a beautiful selection of them. Definitely fit for a bridesmaid’s eccentric devices trimmings- turn in his classic ‘Mor’s jhokar’ by dainty earrings with pearl and twirling to add extra oomph that you opt for the hand cuffs . Beads and dynamic duo Hafsa never fails to impress us with their creative ideas and December he nailed it.

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