Gold Plated Jewelry Top Best Gold Necklaces

1. Jardin Gold-Plated Leaf Links Bib Necklace

     This gorgeous statement necklace looks incredible with a little black dress. The delicate veins of the leaves give the necklace balance, transforming what could be an overwhelming piece of jewelry into something elegant.This particular piece is made from gold plated base metal, which helps to cut down costs.


2. Custom 18k Gold Plate Name Necklace

This gold plate necklace is available in any name or word you like, provided its 10 characters or less, with no spaces. The first letter will be capitalized. This necklace is available in various lengths: 14, 16, 18, 20, or 22 inches. This custom necklace is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

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3. Amazon Collection Hand Polished Plated Heart Chain Locket Necklace

This classic locket is made from gold-plated brass. The interior of the locket has room for two photos. The interior could house a picture of her partner, photos of her parents, or photographs of the kids.


4. Amazon Collection Rose Gold-Plated Rose Quartz & Created White Sapphire Pendant

Rose gold is a huge trend right now, and thins plated pendant shows just how great rose gold can look when it’s done right. The teardrop-shaped pendant is chic and elegant. The multi-cut rose quartz at the center is framed with small created white sapphire stones, which look captivating by candlelight. Some people feel that gold-plate jewelry isn’t as luxe as solid gold, but this piece proves that gold plate can look upscale.


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5. Gold Plate Trinity Knot Necklace

Shopping for a woman who has Celtic ancestry? This gold-plate and crystal pendant is a thoughtful gift choice. Because Celtic trinity knots often represent the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), this is a nice gift to give during important religious moments in a woman’s life. It’s also a great “just because” gift.images (3)