Great Breakfast Options to Kick Start your Morning and Keep in shape

Are you wondering how to  lose weight fast.Everyone want to look great and feel awesome about oneself. we often wonder about how to lose weight fast.We all know weight loss is not as easy as weight gain is.To lose weight fast one requires much more determination and effort. Starting with healthy breakfast in the morning full of nutrients and proteins is the best weight loss tips one can stick to.Its one the most important meals of the day if you want to lose weight. For you we have some healthy breakfast ideas which will help you to reach your goal.These are some delicious easy breakfast options. 

  • Eggs

Eggs are high in source of inexpensive, high quality protein along with vitamin B2 you could add up brown bread slices with this.You  can hard boil them,scramble them up a bit ,eat them half boiled as you wish.

  • Raw food diet

Salads with green veggies are a great start to your morning.They give you great energy and keep your body charged up.

  • Smoothy

You can make up a smoothy of your choice.

  • Upma/Poha

They both a great option and provide you the needed energy.