Hair Clips

Hair clips have always remained an integral part of hair dressing or hair styling. Those elegant pieces can effectively hold the hair in place. Looking at the way they are worn, it definitely calls for attention. 

My friend’s daughter threw some light on the many different types of hair clips. 

•    Barrette – The basic hair clip is the barrette. It comes in many different styles, colors, and sizes. All barrettes have a basic metal clip that clicks shut. On top of this metal clip are all the various styles which make each barrette unique. The hair clip can be worn with half the hair gathered to the center of the head or all the hair gathered to the back to form a complete pony.


•    Banana Clips Or Alligator Clip – Were in style in the earlier days and is back in fashion these days. It is a hard plastic, double sided comb, which draws the hair into a long pony. It gives off a neat look with a refreshing bounce. Banana clips come in many different colors and many sport different beading and stones.



•    Butterfly Hair Clips – These plastic hair clips come in a variety of colors, they have large teeth to secure the hair at the back once it is twisted. It creates an up-do effect. Tiny butterfly hair clips were also popular in the 90s to pull back small sections of the hair and secure at the crown.


•    Asian Style Hairclip – consists of a piece of fabric or metal with a hole, from which a thin piece of metal, plastic or wood can be stuck through to fasten the hair into a bun.


•    Hair Extension Clips – These clips have human or artificial hair attached to them, they are popular among people who need long and thicker hair. Using a hair extension clip is, by far, the best way to beautify and restyle hair without much of an effort.


•    Flower Hair Clips – These types of clips can be made using silk flowers, ribbons, or beads. The flower is made and then attached to the hair clip.



There are many more such clips that can be created out of the creative edge in a person.

Go try and make your own hair clip designs!