Hand Chain Bracelet and Ring

Hand chain is a combination ring and bracelet connected by a chain that drapes across the back of the hand. Hand chain bracelets can be simple chains or more elaborate combining beads, chain, charms and multiple levels of draping. If you are not familiar with barefoot sandals, they are a similar jewelry concept where a toe ring and anklet are connected by a decorative jewelry embellishment that drapes across the top of the foot.

Embellish your knitting projects. Alpaca, Merino, Miyuki, and Toho.

The first time I saw a hand chain was more than 30 years ago and it was a much heavier piece of jewelry, a solid cuff style bracelet and a stone ring connected by a delicate chain. I tend to prefer the version that I see currently in style – a variety of chains and beads that can be simple or bohemian and works perfectly layered with other bracelets.

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