If you want to look like Priyanka Chopra you should be following her beauty tips!

If you aren’t her, you want to be her. Priyanka Chopra is an icon for millions and many aspire to look as beautiful as PC does. Well, read on aspirants, today is your lucky day! In an interview with the lifestyle magazine Nylon, PC revealed many of her beauty secrets which you can follow if you want to look flawless like her!

When PC does her own make-up:

Priyanka does her own make-up at times and she prefers to keep it light and natural. Here is what she says, “My work schedule is so crazy, so I’m pretty much always in camera-ready makeup. So when I’m doing my own makeup, I like to keep it super light and natural. Never much more than mascara, a cheek stain, and something with some color on my lips — right now, I’m really into reds. MAC Russian Red [lipstick] is my go-to.”

Mommy knows best:

Like the rest of us, PC is is also a firm believer in “gharelu nuskhe” when it comes to beauty treatment! She diligently follows her mom’s beauty tips. Here is what PC says, “She’s (Priyanka’s mom) given me a few that I follow quite diligently, two of my favorites: We have aloe vera plants growing at home, and my mom often makes these divine masks out of the aloe jelly. I also go for a warm coconut oil deep-conditioning treatment, which involves massaging coconut oil into the scalp before shampooing. If it is warmed slightly, the oil gets to the root; so the hair grows healthier.”

The skin-care Bible:

PC reveals the golden route to beautiful skin. She says, “I have a cardinal rule — I wash my face every single night before I go to sleep, no matter how late it is, or how lazy or tired I am. This has to be done. I also moisturize like crazy, and I drink loads, and loads of water and coconut water.”