In a new light: Look at sarees beyond traditional avatar

Sarees have become first choice for most Indian women  during auspicious occasions but designers and experts suggest doing away with the ‘traditional only’ tag for the exquisite garment and urge wearers to don them more.

“Youngsters have a perception about the saree that you wear it on special occasions to look traditional, we need to kill this kind of tagging. Saree is just another garment,” says Sanjay Garg, Designer and Founder-Raw Mango, a brand of contemporary handloom textiles.

Garg was delivering a talk on the ‘Revival and re-fashioning of Indian handloom sarees and weaves’ here recently.

He was joined by textile expert and author, Rita Kapur Chishti and traditional weave revivalist, Gitanjali Shah Mandawa. The evening also included live demonstration on unique saree tying techniques by Rita Kapur Chishti.

“I think blouses need to take a backseat for the saree to come in the forefront again, because if the blouses don’t fit well, one will avoid wearing a saree. Earlier the saree was prominent and you could wear anything with it, now the blouses have become prominent,” says Mandawa

Generations of women have affirmed the saree to be an elegant and stylish garment.

“When I wore my first saree for college people told me I have come of age but today if you wear it to college youngsters say “Woh to Bhenji Agayi Hai Dekho” (An aunty has come to college) that’s the difference between the 70s and today,” says Chisti.