Jhoomar also referred to as Passa are really in fashion these days. If you don’t want to wear it on the day of your wedding ceremony you can always use it as an accent for one of your other events. It has a very modern touch to it when used for pre events.

For this look we are using pink and blue in the crease. It’s very important to make sure a makeup artist isn’t going over the crease with colors and getting close to your brow line. That’s when the color takes over your whole eye and the elegance of the look isn’t there. Your brow line should have a highlighting color that is close to your skin tone with a very minor shimmer to it. Picking a silver or gold color to highlight your brow is not ideal as it photographs very harshly.

We wanted you to take a look at the hairstyle from the side to show the importance of making sure your hair looks good from all angles. It should not have a cone shape from the side.

It is very important to contour and highlight to make sure your face doesn’t look flat in photos. Here at Goka Love we are all about emphasizing your best features!















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