Kangana Ranaut’s fearless style attitude makes her what she is today; she never really fails to redefine sexiness with her unconventional fashion choices. Kangana shares her 3 golden fashion rules for instaglam effect…


1. Dress for yourself, not others!

“I don’t really like being a called a fashionista or a fashion icon. I think it is just a waste of time to constantly keep thinking about what is right to wear and what would make me a fashionista. I don’t dress for others. I love wearing good clothes and dress for myself.”

2. Develop your own unique style

“I love travelling and ever since I moved to Mumbai, I have been reading and travelling a lot. This has helped me pick up different styles. I belong to small town, and have not been openly welcomed by the industry. I had to overcompensate this by developing my own unique sense of style and fashion to compete with other actresses who have been beauty pageant winners or supermodels. This has helped me learn and grow.”


3. Know what’s right for you

“Well, to me colour is the new black, and I am just going with the flow. In reality, I am quite choosy and prefer to wear whatever fits my mood for the day. As said earlier, I love to dress up for myself, so there isn’t a particular fashion trend that I can mention. But obviously, my mood drives my fashion completely.”