Midi Skirts Trend: Colour Blocked

The comfort of wearing a midi-skirts over summer is just true bliss. For those who feel conscious in mini-skirts and those who find maxis way too much for their palette, we have the midi skirts. This 1950’s inspired trend, though easy at a glance, can be the reason to either make or break the appearance of your legs. So how do you utilize this trending piece of style for making a person statement?

Well, dive into the trend-zone of the color blocking drama. This genius amalgamation of midi skirts wedded to color blocked overall look is the fool proof way of styling this half-length trend. Not only that, but this rule will break the ice for any height size.

Midi Colour Blocked with a Crop


Looking all that swag in this summer heat can never get any cooler! Crop tops have surely become a rage, but for those who are not comfortable with showing off their midriff, well, this trend will come in handy. Pull up your midi and let it set on your upper-abs zone with the crop-top to hide those love handles and shine like a flirty diva.

Midi Colour Blocked with a Shirt


Midi skirts for work wear? Sure! Just wrap it around a crisp white/pastel formal shirt, put on your pearl drop earrings and let your legs feel the wind all day long. How’s that for some casual yet formal wear at work, eh?

Midi Colour Blocked with Layers


Think you need some layering even in the summer season? Let the color blocked midi trend take over the jazz by adding a light & bright jacket over your plain tank top. Don’t forget to carry off a sleek clutch and wear a comfortable pair of mid-heels to complete the look.

Midi Colour Blocked with Tank Top


If the jacket layering is too much for your taste, then simply feel laid-back in your tank-midi pairing as a brunch wear with your girls. Accessorize with a word scribbled necklace or stack up some Rastafarian wrist bands to add that extra dose of modishness.

Midi Color Blocked with Sheer


Take it up on your mini road trip, or to simply chill zone with your boyfriend by adding a hint of sheer-sexiness to your outfit. Don’t deviate from the midi-color-blocked promise, as it will hold back the silhouettes and let the sheer layer bring out your carefree side.