The Mini Skirt.

A silhouette that has an undeniable place in fashion history. Much like the bikini, its initial inauguration in the fashion world may have been scandalous, but it quickly became a staple in the closets of many fashion conscious individuals. To keep the look on the demure side, pair this leg baring piece with more conservative tops, such as oversized sweaters.



The A-line Skirt.

This is arguably one of the most essential pieces you can have in your closet. Similar to the little black dress, a white button down, or the perfect pair of jeans, there is an a-line skirt for everybody. Its shape is universally flattering and can be incorporated into just about any style. In classic black, this skirt will be by your side during any occasion or season. Besides black, tan or even denim make a more interesting neutral, while busier prints or interesting textures and embellishments can make it the focal point of your outfit.


The Pencil Skirt.

The absolute must for any workplace. What screams girl boss more than a fierce pencil skirt and blazer combo? Perhaps not as essential to someone without a job, but a pencil skirt is still a sound investment. It exudes sophistication. To keep it from looking too stuffy or secretary like, jazz up the outfit with more youthful accessories. Don’t be afraid to play with different top pairings and skirt textures or details.


The Midi Skirt.

This skirt length has had a surge in popularity during recent seasons. It may seem a little intimidating as the length can be awkward, so it’s crucial that this skirt fits perfectly or it could overwhelm you. This piece can create an amazing line for the body and really pairs beautifully with heels to keep that line going.


The Maxi Skirt.

We’ve been slowly making our way through the different lengths, finally arriving at the floor. The maxi skirt can be likened to stylish yoga pants and for good reason. It offers ample coverage and unrestricting flowiness, while still looking really good. This length is surprisingly versatile (tying a knot in it creates a super pretty shape) and looks amazing with crop tops.


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