My journey from Cannes to LA

Long flights can be a lot of fun. Specially for people like me who can’t sleep on flights. You can catch up on movies you missed out on. You can strike up some interesting conversation with your co-passengers. And you can a make list of things to do and explore when you reach your destination. I did all of this and still had time to spare when flying from Cannes to Los Angeles via Zurich.Out of the 5 movies I watched, my favourite was Carnage. A must watch for a young film-maker on a low budget! Ok, may be not since it has Kate Winslet, but it is shot in one room and a corridor!

My co-passenger was a Brazilian girl living in LA and working as an Editor in a Television channel. We struck up an interesting conversation about movies. She thought Bollywood actors were so much more talented than Hollywood stars. On prodding her for her reasoning, she simply said because in all Bollywood productions actors are not just meant to act, they are meant to sing their songs and also dance to it. That, she thought was incredible! Wonderful as it sounded, somehow the thought of Ranbir Kapoor singing all his songs inRockstar or Shah Rukh Khan singing Chammak Challo was too much for me to handle and I decided to burst her bubble – particularly about the singing part!

But that doesn’t take away from the magic of the movies. In fact, the first place on my list to visit not just reaffirmed it – it left me quite starry eyed.


When in LA a visit to the Universal Studios is a must! It’s an elaborate place with oodles of entertainment. It is a perfect place to experience the wonders of Hollywood! The rides, the sets of Desparate Housewives, the special effects – a visit there leaves you awestruck. Personally, I recommend the Universal studio tour and in particular the Simpson’s ride.

After all the action in the Universal Studio, hunger struck with a vengeance. And what better way to curb the hunger pangs than Sushi. My love for Sushi is insatiable. Apart from the fact that I think I must have been Japanese in my previous birth, LA seems to have so many Sushi restaurants that it was just the thing for me to do.

Next on my list was to undertake the 45 minute drive from LA to Santa Monica.

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Sun, sand and surfing assume a whole new meaning in Santa Monica. Afterall, it is where most Hollywood stars head to!

Santa Monica seemed like a place where being fit and hot is the norm, rather than an exception. Apart from so many options like surfing, swimming and running, Santa Monica seemed like a hub for Yoga and Pilates studios. In fact, don’t be surprised if locals here tell you that Yoga was born in Santa Monica! Looking at the sheer number of Yoga studios, for once even I was in doubt.

At Santa Monica, I also discovered Tacos – a traditional Mexican dish made from corn or wheat, available with a variety of filling inside. It is very yummy and quite healthy.


I just couldn’t leave Santa Monica without getting myself an organic tan. Just seemed wrong to leave a place like this without getting myself sprayed with beetroot based tanning lotion. The tan was meant to last for 10 days, I was thrilled that mine lasted me 15 days!

If you think it was all fun and frolic for me at LA, then tune in, to the new season of I’m too Sexy every Sunday at 8.30pm – you will find that I did do some serious work!