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A money bag (moneybag, bag of money, money sack, sack of money, bag of gold,gold bag, sack of gold,) etc. is a bag  of money  used to hold and transport coins and banknotes from/to a mint, bank, ATM, vending machine,business, or other institution. Money bags are usually transported in an armored car or amoney train and, in the past, via stagecoach.

Crumillospongia is a genus of middle Cambrian sponge named after its similarity to a small leathery money purse, or crumilla Latin for “small, little purse“A wealthy person can have the nickname “moneybag” . Marcus Licinius Crassus , a leading Roman politician in his day, was known in Rome as Dives, meaning “The Rich” or “Moneybags”. Ivan I of Moscow(“Ivan the Moneybag”) was a Russian “Grand Prince of Moscow” from 1328-1341 who was famous for being generous with his wealth. American Cardinal Francis Spellman (1889–1967) was sometimes called “Cardinal Moneybags” in his later life, while Chicago mobster and racketeer Murray Humphreys (1899–1965) was referred to as “Mr. Moneybags” by his friends. Miss Moneybags (played by Edna Purviance) is a fictional character in the 1915 Charlie Chaplin silent comedy film The Count. James Edward “Baron of Edgerton” Hanson’s (1922–2004) billion-dollar empire earned him the nickname “Lord Moneybags”. Another fictional character, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) of The Young and the Restless soap opera, has also been called “Moneybags”.

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