Paris Hilton hits the turntables as she celebrates sister Nicky’s bachelorette party and promotes her new single in Miami

On Saturday morning, she celebrated her sister’s bachelorette bash with pals on a very sedate cruise on a luxury yacht off the coast of Miami, Florida.

Things got livelier in the evening when Paris Hilton took to the turntables for a gig at The Wall nightclub in the W Hotel where bride-to-be Nicky Hilton and her bridesmaids were staying.

Ever the multi-tasker, the event also promoted the 34-year-old’s new single with Birdman, High Off My Love, which was released worldwide on May 15. 

The ultimate bachelorette party: Paris Hilton helped little sister Nicky celebrate her impending nuptials at The Wall nightclub in Miami’s W Hotel on Saturday night where she also promoted her new single, High Off My Love

The excited blonde posted an Instagram of herself, Nicky and the girls done up in their glam outfits ready for some fun.

She captioned it: ‘Round 2! #BridesMaids ready to #Killit at @WallMiami tonight! #NickysBachelorette #MrsRothschild.’ 

Nicky, 31, is marrying fabulously wealthy banking heir James Rothschild, 30, on July 10 in royal style at Kensington Palace’s Orangery, in Kensington Gardens, London.

Paris Hilton talks new music video while Nicky talks wedding


Getting into the spirit of the evenings: The 34-year-old showed off her slender figure in a pink lace mini-dress with a plunging neckline before taking to the turntables for her gig at the venue

Introducing…: Paris shared this picture, saying,  #MaidOfHonor & the #BrideToBe #MrsRothschild

The sisters, who themselves are Hilton Hotels heiresses, got into the spirit of the evening with Paris in a pink lace mini-dress with a plunging neckline plus sparkly high heeled pumps and a pink sash across her body that read Bachelorette.

Her long blonde tresses were styled in gentle waves and held back with a pink headband with pussycat ears made up of pink flowers.

Nicky wore white, of course, slipping her slender figure into mini-dress with one shoulder and gamely wearing a bride-to-be tiara in her blonde hair.  


Girls night out: Paris captioned this instagram snap,  ‘Round 2! #BridesMaids ready to #Killit at @WallMiami tonight! #NickysBachelorette #MrsRothschild’

High praise from the hotel heiress: ‘Thank you @1HotelSB for an incredible weekend! The hotel is absolutely stunning! Perfect in every way! Look forward to my next stay!’

High Off My Love is Paris’s third single from Cash Money and was produced by Mr. Beatz and co-written by Charles Anderson, Corte Ellis and Frederick Allen IV. 

It was accompanied by a risque video that music bible Billboard said was inspired by 50 Shades Of Grey and Madonna’s notoriously steamy video for Justify My Love, which was so racy that MTV banned it in 1990.