Acqua di Stresa is an osmanthus-based fragrance. Sacred tree, beloved and celebrated by poets and writers, osmanthus, with its late summer blossoms, closes Lake Maggiore’s season. Amongst Golfo Borromeo’s preserved landscape of villas and gardens, a perfume was created, only to celebrate ephemeral beauty, escaping time and the necessity for splendor.


Acqua di Stresa is the first fragrance, introduced in 2002.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Osmanthus Hyacinth Pomegranate

Middle Notes
Jasmine Rose Camelia

Base Notes
Musk Virginia Cedar Amber

Made By Using Flowers



The range of Acqua di Stresa includes also a Home Fragrance line.
Our Diffusers are really performing and have a elegant design.
They are available in all the scents of our range.



Acqua di Stresa doesn’t offer only Eau de Parfum. Our range includes much more: a complete Bath Line, enriched with Camellia Oil, is available for each scent.



Step in our secret garden and choose the scent that fits you best.

Verbena Absoluta, draws form vervein, magic herb sacred to the ancient
Romans, its magic and misterious notes: its scent is green like dew drops on
a spring lawn and fresh like summer breezes. Zesty citrusy notes add a
balanced and elegant poetic “je ne sais quoi”.

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Osmanthus Fragrans
Is the first of our feminine scents:a whiff of wind in a end summer afternoon bringing the fruity spell of Osmanthus blossoming.Like fluffy veils of silk, caresses the skin and lingers on it.

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Mentha Citrata
Is a smooth unisex crescendo of green and aromatic notes: Absinthe, Bergamot Mint and Citrus Zest.
A walk in the garden of Hesperides. Fresh and energetic like a Spring morning.

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Camellia Soliflor
Is a pink composition of flowery notes: dedicated to the Queen of Lake Maggiore, the scented Winter Camellia, this scent soon turns warm and unusual thanks to its final spicy twist.

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Calycanthus Brumae
Is a balanced compromise between the delicate scent of Calycanthus flowers and deeply intense woody notes.

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