Priyanka Chopra’s Grammy face is every girl’s nightmare

Priyanka Chopra made many appearances during the Grammy before and after parties, though she didn’t make the cut for the actual event. Yet there was one thing common in all her Grammy appearances – the giant zit on Priyanka’s face.

That pimple made a special appearance in all PeeCee’s appearances.  In fact there is a lot going on Priyanka’s forehead and cheek  Here is a close up shot for a better look

Basically, Priyanka’s Grammy face is every girl’s nightmare, including her own. While internally Priyanka might have especially hated her zits for putting her through this ordeal during the Grammy parties schedule, her confident smile fails to give it away.

Pimples happen to all of us at all times but they seem to have a special knack for appearing on our face before a big event. Follow PeeCee’s example for today’s beauty inspiration and use the following ways to tackle your pimples.

Cover up your pimple with a matching makeup.

Apply a few drops of white vinegar over the pimple. The acidic nature of the vinegar will reduce the size of the pimple.

Apply some cream based toothpaste overnight on the pimple to wake up to a more pleasing face.

Apply a cold compress at regular intervals during the day to calm inflammation.

Like Priyanka, if you were lucky to get a pimple on the side of your face then try a side swept hairdo.

The biggest thing PeeCee teaches is come what may, do not, mind you, just don’t pop those pimples and smile!