Remember Aliya Bose From Chak De! India? Here’s What She’s Up To These Days

Bitchy, sassy and hip! That’s how Chak De! India, the 2007 blockbuster, introduced Anaitha Nair, popularly known to us as Aliya Bose.

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Sporting fun hues in her hair and enough eye shadow to catch your attention, Aliya Bose was the glamour respite in a film largely driven on content.

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And her mischievous antics ensured Chak De! India had its share of lighter moments!

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However, it was never going to be easy standing out in a movie crammed with talented actors struggling for their own screen time. And by the time the movie made it to DVDs, Anaitha Nair was long forgotten.

While most of the other Chak De! girls tried to sustain their 15 minutes of fame by doing whatever came their way, Anaitha remained untraceable. At least that is what the audiences thought!

Turns out, Anaitha was always there, but we failed to take notice.

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Because she is mostly what her characters are…

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She can totally be anybody, like an unconventional teacher.

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A conventional call center employee.

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An informed villager.

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A terminally ill person in pursuit of happiness.

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Or just about your average contemporary girl with her day-to-day problems.

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Her specialty lies in not letting you see through her characters. So who is the real Anaitha? And how does she look when she’s not living her character’s life?

We found out some recent pictures of the Aashayein actress which show how she has undergone a sea of change from her Chak De! India days. And we say we are pleasantly surprised!

Check them out:

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What a transformation, Aliya!