Shiva Shakti Jewellery Collection by Sumit Sawhney


Apala by Sumit dedicates extension of Shiva Shakti collection as an offering to Lord Shiva. The intricate designs and luminous motifs symbolize purity and elegance. Designer Sumit Sawhney dedicates the new line “Shiva Shakti” to the most revered Hindu God.


The Designer is spiritually inclined towards Shiva and his fascination to Shiv Temples, Shiva & his representations & ornamentation in form of Trishul, Damroo, Serpents, Crescent Moon, Leopard Skin, Nandi and the lords life (Nataraja) is evidently reflected through the beautiful collection.

Apalas Shiva Shakti jewellery collection is an eclectic fusion of the contemporary, Spiritualism and the traditional charm depicting spirituality and bliss. According to Designer Sumit Sawhney, “The positive energy he has received from Shiva’s blessing while designing this collection, would evoke a connection to the wearer with the Lord.”


His jewellery is hand crafted in silver with precious and semiprecious gemstones with 22kt Gold layering. He fuses some rare big sized/single piece ruby carvings, black onyx, smoky topaz & rudraksh with the bold characters in silver. He is master of his own craft of using Shiva motifs with contemporary forms and textures, and creating one of its kind exclusive jewellery pieces.

The Shiv Shakti jewellery collection includes:

  • Shiv Aradhna Neckpiece
  • Swambhu Pendant
  • Shiva Shakti Pendant
  • Nandi Pendant
  • Shivoham Pendant
  • Shiv Stuti Pendant
  • Shiv Shankar Necklace
  • Nageshwar Ring
  • Nataraja Earrings