Globally acclaimed designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock brought the curtains down to the Gionee India Beach Fashion Week 2015 with their sensational and dominant bridal line ‘Runaway Bride’ at the picturesque lawns of La Brise, Goa. Grooving to the beats of Nina and Malika of Elektrovert, the impactful fashion parade showcased some of the most scintillating collections in neo-traditional forms. Sleek gowns, ornate cropped tops, gossamer fine lehengas, fishtail low back gowns, hip high slit shimmering long tubes, luxurious corset style lehenga-cum-gowns with shoulder trail and hip hugging long flared embroidered skirts and chic embroidered jackets formed the coveted ‘Peacock Bride’ who is edgy, bold and stylish, very daring, yet very elegant and traditional.




The colour choice matched the theme of the show as pastel pink, eye-catching grey, striking blue, red, yellow, gentle aqua green, and pristine white added to the tonal embroidery as the epitome of attraction, in a strikingly innovative mix of floral and geometric patterns. To complete the look the FSP added jaunty printed baseball caps for a sporty angle to the wardrobe of the bride in a hurry. It was luxurious accessory brand Minerali that decked the models with their recent collections. The dynamic pair Falguni and Shane took on the stage as ‘Real Showstoppers’ in the end.