Top 10 Dry Skin Care Tips For Babies

Babies can be victims of dry skin as well, just like adults. In fact, they are even more susceptible to dry skin than adults because their skin is much more vulnerable. Understanding the causes which lead to the dry skin in babies is the first step to caring for the problem. Here are some of the best baby dry skin care tips, with regards to dry skin.

Baby Dry Skin Care Tips

1. Bath Time:

Cutting down on the baby’s bath time is the first step to treating dry skin. Instead of the regular 30 minutes, ensure that your little one splashes around for about 10 minutes. Though babies love their bath time, this is something you have to do keeping in mind the health of your child. Bathing takes away the natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry.

2. Role of Water & Soap:

What you apply in the curtailed bath will also determine how your child’s skin reacts. Thus, it is best to use lukewarm water instead of hot water for your child. Instead of using soap, it is better to use a fragrance-free and soap-free cleanser. This will ensure that your kid is spared the harsh chemicals which are contained in soap.

Bubble baths are a lot of fun no doubt. However, you have to ensure that your child has completed his share of splashing in the water before you introduce the soap. This will ensure that your kid is not sitting in a bath full of soapy water which will eventually make the skin dry and dull.

4. Emollient Application:

Emollients are useful in curing dry skin but they are very greasy and slippery; this may pose a bit of a problem with children. They tend to be wobbly and you don’t want to add to their chances of slipping and falling. Thus, it is best to avoid emollients in the bath itself and apply them once the baby is safely placed in his or her cot.

5. Moisturizer Role: