Top 10 Turquoise Nail Art Design

Turquoise is the name of a color. The color gets one by mixture of blue green shade. The name of the color is selected from French word Turkish. For summer season turquoise nail art become favorite of modish ladies. With every dress you can easily pick up the nail paint and bring attractiveness I your outlook. How you can make nail art with turquoise color mixing see here.

Blend Of Gold With Turquoise:


Addition of gold glitter with turquoise is make sparkling impression. The above one nail art idea is best suited for summer parties’ attendance. You can draw interesting contras of nail polish with your goo looking dressing. First make simple coat on the nail then apply glitter.

Water Marble Nail Art:


How much interesting! Creativity will develop when you make water marble design on your long nails. As you enjoy watermelon fruit the water marble nail art show your favorite fruit eating likeness. For this spring season make lovely nail art for causal beauty.

Polka Dots Nail Drawing:


As earlier you draw polka dot nail art with other color, now make interesting style with turquoise nail cot and white dots or against. You can easily match the nail art design with your polka dot dressing or shoes.

Sprig Flower Nail Art:


Modish girls like to wear floral dressing according to spring season beauty. Now she can also make over floral nail art with the help of turquoise color nail polish. Nail art expert much impress with floral nail idea.

Summer Look Nail Art:



Calm and comfort make over in personality make you attractive personality in group of people. With simple sweet outlook you can win the heart of other person.

Geometric Shape Nails Art:


Turquoise color offers you wide verity in nail art. So simple and easy contras you can draw up like In above image. With the help of scotch tape you can make first side corner then repeat with other. Small doted make fancy look with turquoise nail art.

Leopard prints Nails Art:



We share earlier leopard print dressing, shoes, and women hand bags, now leopard nail art is another highly great idea. Cone nail shape with leopard print you can make offer on full nail or with side plain black color coat.

Feather Glitter Nails Art:


Feather nail art show your love with birds. When you draw feathers nail art it mean you have pet birds. First make coat with turquoise nail polish and then make one feather side with white color and other with black.

Stripped Print Nail Art:


Soooo pretty look develop with stripped styling on nail. Black stripped on turquoise nail make focal point. On above of stripped print if you want then draw lovely image of heart. For casual look stripped print with stripped top make best dressing.

Cool and Fresh Nail:


Cool and fresh nail art also keep you energetic. You feel comfortable and impress other with sea look image on long nail. You can enjoy summer party with natural scene nail art.