Top 5 Best Men’s Sunglasses Trends You’ll Want in 2016

This season’s men sunglasses trends are a versatile bunch and great head-turners. And that’s great news! These pairs of shades can upgrade your look to dapper and give you serious style points.  Even though you probably have one or two pairs of classic Wayfarers laying around already, this season is the perfect time of the year to up your game.

In this guide, we will show you how to pull off the biggest sunglasses trends of the season and make your specs an essential “backbone” piece of your wardrobe!


Picture having a high-quality clip-on sunglasses in your life. You get the best of both worlds:  sunglasses and eyeglasses. And just imagine the gif potential for Instagram!

Clip-on sunglasses are once again in style and you might as well get in on the ride before everybody else will. With a hint of vintage look, this ingenious approach will help you see the light of day much better. They can quickly transform from sunglasses to eyeglasses, by removing the clip-on



Aviators never go out of style because they never leave the fashion scene. This style is perfect for adding that chill, cool edge to a simple outfit, because they’re sporty and classic.

The aviator shape has gone through some changes over time. In 2016 you will see the rise of the modern oversized aviator — a fusion between the classic style and a bigger, more masculine, sturdy approach. Even though they still preserve the classic teardrop shape of the lens, they’re a little bit oversized — which makes them stand out from the classic aviator shape.

They are a staple for any eyewear collection and are effortlessly casual.  The double-bar bridge of The Swag and metal accent adds a flair of refinement that says you mean business. There’s no better choice for spring!



The modern version of the club masters includes a more prominent brown line that is thicker and manlier. The Bowery is a retro inspired semi-rimless frame with square lenses and heavy browline. This pair looks  much like a square club master.

This pair sis bolder than your regular club masters and underline the retro influences that drive you.  A twist on a classic shape so you won’t be wearing the exact same thing everyone else is!

Flat top and square, they are a throwback with a contemporary twist, way sleeker than they ever looked in the ’80s or ’90s.



Trends come and go, but a classic is a classic. If you want shades that are sure to go with everything you own, choose a Wayfarer style. It’s such a timeless piece and a classic hipsterish look.

Following a trend can be fun, but it becomes a dated look after awhile. If you take a classic design, add a modern element or tweak it to make it a little more 21st century, it becomes new again!

This Wayfarer style sunglasses have a touch more refined and are certainly more slender. With elegant tapered temples and rhomboidal silver rivets, they combine a vintage look together with superbly crafted contemporary tech.



The metallic top brow bar trend is a variation of the original flat brow style.

The top metal bar is a substitute of the large, straight acetate browline, transformed into a more elegant and modern form. The sleek and refined design perfectly mirrors the current contemporary aesthetic. This has made them one of the best-selling sunglasses style of 2016!

Even though it preserves some elements of it’s 80’s predecessor, the metallic top brow bar is a contemporary trend. The rectangular frame hints of a slightly rounded shape in ways that make it QUITE charismatic. Regarded as one of the coolest men’s sunglasses, this trend will give you the stainless-steel-meets-plastic look that your personality craves.