Top 7 Baby Girls’ Bibs and Burp Cloths

Babies spit up, spit out, and generally make a mess with their food and baby bottles, leaving stains that parents sometimes cannot remove. To prevent baby’s clothing stains, especially with foods like blueberries, bibs and burp cloths are must-have baby items. With all the choices on the market, finding baby girls’ bibs and burp cloths that make a little girl shine and protect her from stains takes center stage. Different options parents can consider include ecologically friendly fabrics that use natural materials, those that feature plastic for easy cleanup, and traditional bib and burp cloth combinations. When shopping, either online at eBay or at a nursery store, knowing what they need helps parents make the right choice the first time.

1. Aden + Anais 7029 2 Pack Muslin Burpy BibThe

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 Aden + Anais 7029 2 Pack Muslin Burpy Bib features four-layer cotton muslin fabric with a design that maximizes coverage for both baby and caregiver. Used as a bib, parents drape it around baby’s neck and fasten it with a snap at the back, which covers the baby’s front and protects clothing from food stains. As a burp cloth, the 25-inch long and 14-inch wide construction provides maximum coverage for the caregiver.

2. Mud Pie 173804 Pink First Birthday Bib

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A baby girls’ first birthday is an exciting event for her family and friends, and celebrations require clothing that fits the party like the Mud Pie 17380 Pink First Birthday Bib. The pink seersucker fabric bib features a chiffon cupcake applique. In addition, the bib includes the words “I’m One!” embroidered into the fabric in a darker pink so they stand out.

3. Gerber Baby-Girls 3 Pack Knit Burpcloths Cupcake


Gerber Baby-Girls 3 Pack Knit Burpcloths Cupcake terry burp cloths are convenient and pretty. Used at home or on the go packed in a diaper bag, these burp cloths are soft on baby’s tender skin but thick and strong enough to protect caregiver’s clothing from the inevitable wet burp residue. The cute cupcake design that adorns the burp cloths draws the baby’s eye, and the burp cloths work well as a baby shower gift.

4.  OXO 6129000 Tot Roll Up Bib

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The OXO 6129000 Tot Roll Up BiB features soft fabric and durable silicone to create a highly-serviceable bib that effectively catches food and crumbs. The soft fabric conforms to baby’s body and is comfortable and well fitting with a strong neck closure to keep the bib secure. This bib is easy to clean and can be rolled up into its pocket for storage

5. Bumkins S-200 Waterproof SuperBib

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Available in a wide assortment of designs and colors, the Bumkins S-200 Waterproof SuperBib is stain and odor resistant with a Velcro closure for comfortable fit, the bib keeps baby clean while parents spends less time cleaning up after. The easy wipe waterproof fabric is free of additives and cleans with the swipe of a cloth or sponge. Parents can also toss it in the washing machine and hang it to dry.

6. Dex Baby Dura Bib Crum Catcher

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For the baby girl older than 6 months, the Dex Baby Dura Bib Crum Catcher is just the thing. Easily snapped into place at the back of the neck, this bib can move around with an active baby girl. Whether she is crawling around the playroom floor, sitting in her high chair, or taking a feeding on a parent’s lap, the Dura Bib keeps stains from her clothing and catches crumbs.

7. Wupzey COVPH Mess-Catcher Coverall Bib


For water, stain, and odor resistant coverage in a wipe-clean fabric, the Wupzey COVPH Mess-Catcher Coverall Bib fits the bill. Easy to clean with a back closure and large coverage area, this bib works for the baby girl who loves to do arts and crafts and finger paint or who is just a messy eater. Parents can wipe it clean with a cloth or toss in the washing machine and dry it flat.

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