Top 7 Summer Hats for Men

Many people feel that summer is the best time of the year, as these short months have a wealth of pleasant activities, fun experiences with friends and family, and a wealth of outdoor adventures. However, with all of the time spent outside during summer, consumers are at great risk from overexposure to harmful ultraviolet sunrays. Whether they are going to beach or grilling hamburgers out back, consumers need to take extra measures to protect their skin, and instead of greasing up with layers of sunscreen, they can feel comfortable with the right   summer hat. Choosing a summer hat that not only provides protection and comfort, but also style as well can be very difficult, as there are many things that consumers need to consider, such as its material and fabrics, its main characteristics, the ultraviolet protection factor, and the style of the hat

1. Dorfman Pacific Weathered Outback Hat


According to Rodale News, a leading health and wellness publication, consumers need a summer hat that covers all of the sensitive skin areas around the face, neck, and shoulders. The  Dorfman Pacific Weathered Outback Hat provides consumers with a 360-degree brim that is both broad and shapeable, allowing consumers to receive that full protection for their face, ears, and even the nape of the neck. Additionally, the Dorfman Pacific also sports an over 50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which means that is protects consumers against harmful and deadly ultraviolet rays. When the heat is too much, the fabrics of the interior brow absorbs sweat, keeping the head cool, and its smooth surface next to the skin ensures a comfortable fit for the entire day.
In addition to this hat’s many features, its weathered cotton gives the hat a rugged, broken-in look, and according to the Village Hat Shop and Hats Unlimited, this hat provides consumers with an adventurous style.

2. Tilley TTW2 Tec-wool Hat

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Most manufacturers have not created their summer hats for indoor use, as they are meant to be exposed to vicious sunrays, cool summer rainstorms, high dusty winds, and much more. Therefore, consumers need to consider a summer hat that is durable enough to withstand the natural elements, such as the Tilley TTW2 Tec-wool Hat. In fact, this hat is so durable that Sun Protection Hats guarantees that it does not wear out over time, and due to its many different features and technologies, even National Geographic states that the TTW2 is the perfect hat for cold weather and changeable climates.
In addition to a 50 Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating, this hat features a C-change membrane that reacts to changes in body temperature, as the membrane closes when it experiences warm air and opens with cooler air. Additionally, the TTW2 Tec-wool also has tuck away ear warmers, a secret pocket, and lock-stitched seams.

3.Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat


Winner of the Outdoor Gear Lab Editor’s Choice award for the best all-around sun hat, the  Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat provides consumers with all of the summer hat technologies they need for a great outdoors adventure. Although this hat is not the most stylish hat, Sunday Afternoons states that it is the most recognizable sun hat on the planet. With a nearly weightless design and UPF 50 sun protection, the Adventure Hat provides shade for the nose, cheeks, lips, eyes, and ears, and with its elongated back veil, protects the nape of the neck. Additionally, Sunday Afternoons manufactured this hat with mesh ventilation in strategic points across the head, allowing hot air to escape, and cool, refreshing air to enter.

4. Jaxon Panama Brisa Grade 8 Fedora


When choosing a summer fedora, Hats in the Belfry states that a stylish hat needs to have simple lines and classic colors, and with the  Jaxon Panama Brisa Grade 8 Fedora, consumers can enjoy a stylish fedora with several added features for comfort and protection. This hat is also lightweight, and so consumers can wear it all day without discomfort. The Jaxon Panama Brisa Grade 8 Fedora also works well with different activities, such as going to the beach, enjoying the outdoors, or roaming the city’s nightlife. Furthermore, Jaxon manufactured this hat, using grade 8 genuine Panama straw and Ecuadorian hand weaving techniques. With its grosgrain ribbon hatband, this fedora blends summer chic and smooth style that creates a look which Village Hat Shop calls, “pure summer.”

5. Patagonia Beach Bucket Hat


The beach has always been that special summer place; however, with the bearing sun and heat, many beach-goers often leave the beach with painful sunburns. The  Patagonia Beach Bucket Hat provides consumers with shade wherever they go, as the 360-degree brim effectively protects the face, eyes, and neck from harmful ultraviolet rays. According to, the style of this hat is an integral part of the beach bum uniform, but because of its nylon construction and durable water repellent (DWR) finish, the Patagonia Beach Bucket Hat is capable of much more than just looking cool. The fabrics of this hat feature a moisture wicking Coolmax headband to help consumers feel comfortable in the heat and reduce the chance of a heat stroke. Additionally, for the consumers who enjoy water sports, the brim of this hat includes a foam material that floats.

6. Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap


For some outdoor explorers, protection and comfort are much more important than style, and therefore they need a hat that emphasizes sun protection and a lightweight design. Winner of the Outdoor Gear Lab Top Pick award, the  Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap is a versatile hat that features a removable, adjustable skirt that shelters the neck and shoulder from harmful ultraviolet rays. Additionally, since the skirt is removable, consumers can wear this product as a simple baseball hat when they need to. This hat also features a lightweight material that consumers can wear all day long; however, this lightweight material only has a UPF 30 rating. With a Wicking TransAction headband and mesh sides, the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap also keeps consumers cool throughout the heat of the day.

7. REI Paddlers Hat


Fishing is a popular summer sport among both men and women; however, there is not too much shade out on the lake, and sunburns can easily occur. Therefore, consumers may find that the  REI Paddlers Hat is just the one they need to protect themselves from the sun while enjoying a long day on the water. The brim on this hat provides 360-degree protection from the sun and rain, while its foam inserts keep the hat afloat if it should fall off. In addition to its protection capabilities, the REI Paddlers Hat features a polyester headband to wick away moisture from the consumer’s brow and polyester mesh panels to provide ventilation.