Top Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Nose rings in Indian tradition hold a significance that is beyond just adornment. There is an immense variety that can be found in the types of bridal nose rings in India.traditionally the nose ring is a sign of a married women. The nose ring trend did not originate in India, it was brought by the middle east in 16th century . However we soon adopted it and the differing cultures of this country have led to a difference in the style of nose rings that are worn by Indian brides in various regions.



Nathni is the popular hoop nose ring from the western Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Usually made of gold, the large hoop is sometimes decorated with a little precious or semi-precious gemstone and connected with the hair with a long delicate chain.

Maharashtrian nath


The Maharashtrian nath is not just an essential piece of bridal jewellery; it is also one of the most well-known styles across India due to its characteristic cashew nut shape which is unique. The nath is mostly studded with pearls, beads or little colourful stones

Konkani stud


Traditional bridal jewellery in the Konkan region is quite minimal and simplistic. The Konkani stud is usually a golden traditional motif in the shape of a fish, a bird or an abstract form with one or more embedded gemstones in varying colours.


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Similar to the simplicity of bridal nose rings in Goa and the Konkan, the brides of Kerala and Karnataka too prefer a small and light weight nose pin or sometimes two mini rings that are worn on both the nostrils. The nose pins are known as Mukhuttis in the regional language.

Diamond nose stud


This is a very traditional nose stud worn by the brides, this is a very age old practice and normally the nose stud would consist of three or more diamonds. It is a very rare and unique bridal nose stud pattern. The nose piercing has to be in both the nostrils and it gives an authentic South Indian look.

The central nose ring(Traditionally called the “Pullaku”)


Certain bridal nose rings in Tamil Nadu are usually worn on the central lower part or the division of the nose instead of the nostrils. Some brides also prefer to wear both styles including the central as well as the nostril one!

These central nose rings come in a variety of shapes and are mostly free of any embellishment as such.



A Latkan is one nose ring design that gives more emphasis on the connecting chain rather than the nose ring itself. It is basically a set of one plain metallic stud or ring which has a decorative chain resembling a uniform charm bracelet. There is another variety of the North Indian Latkan. It is also called as “Bullag” which is a tiny pendant suspended from the middle of the nostril.

Punjabi nath


This can be considered as a heavier version of the Nathni. Mostly worn by the Punjabi brides, this type of nath consists of a medium or large sized hoop decorated with little pendants in a row that goes all up along the chain that connects the nose ring to the hair. This nose ring design can be seen in numerous colors, sizes and patterns and is one of the most popular forms of traditional bridal jewellery in India.