Why every girl should have a Jeans Jacket


Let’s just admit it. Jeans are an inseparable part of our lives. Whether in trousers, shirts, dresses or the best – jackets. Yes, the jackets have now become a rising trend and there is nothing stopping them or making them go outdated. So here are a few reasons why every girl should have a jeans jacket:

  1. GOES WITH EVERYTHING: –Yes, everything. From short tight skirts to flowing dresses, from trousers to long skirts, Indian and western styles, you can pair it up with the jeans jacket and it gives a chic look. If you are bold enough, you can even pair it up with a modern printed saree and stand out in the crowd.


  1. DOESN’T NEED IRONING: This is for one of those days when your “non iron needing clothes” are in the laundry and you don’t really have time or materials for ironing. Jeans jackets come to the rescue. They don’t need ironing. Voila!!!
  1. MADE FOR ALL SEASONS: – Almost. If you can carry it off in the heat of the summers or the icy cold winters, you would realise that it never looks out of the season or a faux pas in any season. Just like the Jeans trousers (sigh! We are so addicted to jeans). So having one takes care of all the seasons.


  1. GIVES A TOUGH FEMININE LOOK: – Who said women are supposed to be soft and in need of protection (remember the famous remark by Lawyer ML Sharma in India’s Daughter?) Who said that women who are tough are either masculine or tomboy-ish. Why can’t we be a tough feminine lady? The jeans jacket is made for those who think on these lines.


Now that we have the reasons, here are some casual looks you can try with the jeans jacket:

  • Pair it up with a floral dress and boots for the casual winter look.
  • If you think it is too cold outside, you can always wear an inner under the jacket.
  • You can go jeans on jeans. Pair up a blue jeans jacket with a pair of blue jeans pants.
  • For a night club look, pair it up with a tight sequined short skirt or dress.
  • Choose a block printed saree to go with the jeans jacket. Make a head turner look.
  • Wear a maxi dress for a day out, by pairing it with our jacket!!!

And do keep in mind your comfort level while doing so. Carry it with confidence!!