Workwear looks to try all week

‘Dress for the job you want, not the one you have’ is all the motivation you need to haul your weekend coma-ed self to a bile-inducing, meeting-thronged Monday—followed by Tuesday, and the rest of your working week.

A sharp outfit, like a great lunch, has magical powers that can turn around the most drab of workdays.

The trick behind creating interesting looks out of your pre-existing wardrobe is to break the rules:

1. Swap you formal pumps for party heels (nothing metallic, of course).


2. Add a tailored blazer to give structure to a plain knitted dress.


3. Try a draped version of a basic white shirt for a not-so-basic look in the conference room.


4. Ditch the cropped trouser for a pair culottes to create a feminine silhoutte.


5. Work backwards by planning your post-work outfit. Throw on a blazer to get through until you clock out.